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How postponing our wedding turned into a great experience 

When we started planning our own big wedding, I didn't know what to expect. Stress, time pressure, perfection - suddenly we were caught up in a glitzy wedding world where there was no room for individuality or intimacy. As a professional event manager, I sprinted through checklists, planning the perfect dream wedding. And yet, I was always missing something without knowing exactly what.


And then came a worldwide pandemic. A nightmare for all couples and vendors. Spoiler - we also had to postpone our big celebration. But it offered an unexpected opportunity: I was able to create a special day just for the two of us, focusing on our wishes.


I am happy to help you come back to this simple and individual way to experience your elopement day. Away from the strive for perfection and time pressure back to an intimate and relaxed experience, focusing on you as a couple and your values. The real genuine, unique love story moments is what I love about elopements, what I love about my job as a destination elopement planner.

So let's escape the wedding stress and celebrate your love!

Some facts about me
I have traveled over 45 countries so far and so much more to see.

I hate jogging. Sign me up for any sport - yoga, hiking, horse riding, figure skating, skiing, mountain biking, but please do not ask me for morning runs.

I am a certified scuba diver and my life long dream is to swim with Orcas (finger's crossed).

I love the excitement and adventure - but the unexpected, quiet,  peaceful moments are what makes every journey perfect. 
Getting ready bride suite
Elopement planner preparing bridal suite
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