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Elopement with private airplane

You want to fulfill a lifelong dream on your elopement day? Go for it! If it is skydiving or getting married on a suspension bridge, zip lining in your wedding dress or having a romantic dinner on a mountain top - no idea is too crazy, the sky is the limit.

In this case, we even went above the clouds with J&M to make their pre-wedding shooting extra special. A dream came true for both of them when they flew off into the sunset together - in a vintage Cessna aircraft overlooking the Bavarian Alps.

Airport elopement private plane and champagne tower

Airport elopement shoot with private plane

Hiring a plane that takes you to your ceremony spot is just one of the possibilities to make your day even more extraordinary. You can clearly see the small intimate moments that make every elopement so rewarding. Their love for each other is visible in every picture because they could truly be themselves in these moments.

Intimate moments Cessna aircraft elopement

Bride and groom airport elopement love

Just the two of them, a camera lens and the golden sunlight - what could make it more personal than that? I loved the energy of that day, the relaxed atmosphere and the easygoing-ness of the couple just being themselves and enjoying every second of the shooting together.

Private first dance airport elopement

An airport elopement with a private plane can be an unforgettable way to tie the knot. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  1. Choose a scenic location: Select a destination with breathtaking views, such as a mountain range or a beautiful coastline. This will make the flight simply breathtaking!

  2. Look for planes with large windows or a glass roof for maximum views.

  3. Coordinate with the airport: Make sure to obtain all necessary permits and clearances from the airport and air traffic control to ensure a safe and smooth experience (especially when you want to shoot with a drone).

  4. Personalize your plane: Add some personal touches to the plane, such as custom signage or decorations, to make it feel more like your own private space.

  5. Plan your ceremony: Decide on a location within the airport or at your destination that is quiet and secluded, such as a private lounge or a remote outdoor spot. Consider incorporating aviation-themed elements into your ceremony, such as a personalized airport sign, flight tickets or passports, and an airplane-themed backdrop.

  6. Celebrate with a meal or drinks: After the ceremony, celebrate with a meal or drinks at your destination. Consider adding some personal touches, such as custom cocktails or aviation-themed desserts (or in this case a champagne tower).

Cozy airport elopement

A huge shout out to J&M and to all the amazing vendors - you made this shoot so inspiring and fun. Magic happens when you bring together professional and lovely people with the same goal - making your elopement unforgettably awesome!

Bride and groom posing in front of a private plane

Bridal styling airport elopement



Planning & Organization:

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